Paige Simmons

June 2015

We are so proud to announce that Paige is our student of the month for June! Achieving highest referrals, 300 dollar club and jumping to Level 4, Paige definitely deserves this title. From day one, Paige has kept a positive attitude knowing that her future was brighter than the hardships she was facing in that moment. Being a student at TSPA has amplified Paige’s confidence, it has given her the courage to go after her dreams. She encourages other TSPA ... Read More

Ashley Brown

May 2015

We are so proud to announce that Ashley is our student of the month for May! Flying through the month of April with 14 referrals and qualifying for level 4, Ashley’s confidence radiated throughout the building. Enrolling at TSPA with a quiet personality and a fear of stepping out of her comfort zone, Ashley has truly pushed passed her limitations and motivated herself to be a more confident, self-aware stylist who always understands the why behind everything she does. Living ... Read More

Lia Bailey

April 2015

We are so proud to announce that Lia is our student of the month for April! In all of her months as a student at TSPA, she has done nothing but impress. This month, Lia was the most requested stylist and qualified for Level 4. She also made our 300 club! What Lia loves most about TSPA is that it has taught her that you really can do anything that you set your mind to. If she were to give ... Read More

Azsha Rogers

March 2015

We are so proud to announce that Azsha is our student of the month for March. Azsha has been an inspiration to her fellow students from the moment she hit the salon floor. She is always eager to learn and is constantly asking questions to grow and improve herself. One of the things that we love the most about Azsha is that she has a “no fear” mentality. She takes the information you give her, makes it her own, and ... Read More

Michelle Degraauw

January & February 2015

We could not be happier to announce that Michelle is our student of the month for January. Michelle worked aggressively through the month of December, reaching all of her goals, qualifying for level 4, having the highest number of repeat request guests, and selling $338.65 in retail. Michelle raised her expectations for herself since the start of her journey at TSPA. Not only is she becoming something she never thought she could become, a level 4, but she is becoming ... Read More

Paxton Stroud

December 2014

We are proud to announce that Paxton is our Student of the Month here at TSPA for December! In the month of November, Paxton qualified for Level 4. She achieved all of her goals AND had the highest repeat/request guest count, highest pre-books, AND highest referrals. Paxton has found herself to be competitive throughout the program and is motivated by success. “My prayers go up to Him and His blessings come down to me.” Paxton encourages other TSPA students to ... Read More

Dalton Stephens

October 2014

Dalton started his journey at TSPA in July. Since that time he has reached many goals set by the Academy and himself. Achieving these goals put Dalton in the running for Student of the Month. It comes to no surprise to us that between reaching his goals for the month of October and maintaining a positive attitude, Dalton was selected as Student of the Month. Dalton feels that TSPA has brought him greater awareness. He has found that he is ... Read More

Marina Nichols

September 2014

Marina Nichols is an extremely hard worker, so it comes as no surprise that she is Student of the Month for September. She feels that TSPA has really helped her grow as a person, making her a better communicator and giving her the confidence she needs to truly excel as a stylist. She encourages others “Find your inspiration and motivation and hold on to it.” She loves being a part of the TSPA family and has felt truly motivated by ... Read More

Errine Agee

August 2014

Erinne is no stranger to being a part of the TSPA family. Starting at TSPA as our front desk coordinator, to the school coordinator, to now student she knows what it takes to be at the top. Reaching all of her goals, and even going beyond what is expected of her she has kept pushing through. Erinne feels it is such an honor to be selected as the student of the month, and continues to set the bar high. “It’s ... Read More

Haley Hoss

July 2014

Haley Hoss relocated from IL because she was ready for a “new experience” and found a welcoming environment at TSPA. When Haley first came to the Academy she was determined to hit her goals and stay focused on her education. She even gave up vacation days with her family in order to come back to school early to achieve her monthly goals. Haley is dedicated to making a difference in the industry. This month Haley jumped to Level 4 student ... Read More