Kenny Berk

Whats happening in the industry? The hair and fashion industry has never been as exciting and fresh as it is today! The combination of 60’s geometric’s along with the multi-texture’s of the 70’s and 80’s has resulted in significant twists within our thinking as artists and hairdressers. What is the point of difference in Redken schools? The key point of difference contained in all Redken schools are the learner based approaches supported by the rock solid principles of hair. Facilitators ... Read More

Roy Peters

Who could have imagined a not very enterprising young man, raised on a farm, would find himself working behind the scenes in movies, television, theater and fashion? What’s even more amazing, after 50+ years behind the chair, this same fellow was rewarded with the opportunity to travel literally “around the world” teaching others, as an educator for one of the foremost cosmetic manufacturers in the industry! And why has all this happened? Because, in my teens, I opted to become a ... Read More

Brent Hardgrave

What is needed for todays ever changing beauty industry, is change! Change is the way we need to educate our up and coming Salon Professionals. It is so NOT about just passing the Sate Board! It is about excelling in your career, right when you graduate! Being prepared for anything! Knowing what it takes to REALLY win in this industry! The Salon Professional Academy provides all of this and more. The students who complete this program are more confident, comfortable ... Read More

David Stanko

Cosmetology courses take less than one year to complete. A short term investment for skills than that can provide a lifetime of rewards. Relevant beauty education must be maximized with daily doses of concentrated learning, delivered by trainers who care about teaching, to prepare the individual to hit the ground running. TSPA students are presented with this unique opportunity combined with a Redken-specific product focus. A valuable combination for a lucrative career is cosmetology. TSPA students are light years ahead ... Read More

Jeri Slagle

Hairdressing has a whole new meaning in today’s society. The first choice you should make is finding the right school for you and your career. How exciting would it be going into The Salon Professional Academy everyday knowing that when you achieve your goal as a hair professional you will step into a salon with a high level of confidence. Being apart of The Salon Professional Academy will not only teach you hairdressing skills, you will learn the fundamentals of ... Read More

Jayson Morgan

Welcome to a journey of adventure and excitement! I personally got into the business to make others feel the best that they can about themselves. To be able to still deliver a service with a personal touch is amazing these days!The difference we can make in someones lives with the talents we possess gives me goose bumps! I knew wanted to continue further and faster in my career, so I chose Redken Education. Being a Salon Owner, an Artist For ... Read More

Jess Linares

As former Redken Artist and a current national artist for Sam Villa’s company, I firmly believe in Redken’s method of “Principle-Based” education. This education, found at The Salon Professional Academy, will prepare you to enter—and succeed in—today’s extremely competitive marketplace. Instead of being trained in a few haircuts and color formulas, graduates of The Salon Professional Academy leave the school fully grounded in the “WHY’s” of haircutting, coloring, business-building, and career pathing. Oh, and getting to hang out with Redken’s coolest educators, ... Read More

Tina Terry Hunt

I really, firmly believe there's no better decision you can make than being at The Salon Professional Academy. Read More

Dhaniel Doud

Setting a foundation is the key to any successful building, as well as any career. I was fortunate many years ago to attend a Redken School, which has set me on a path I could not even dream of. Now, 25 years later, I have been fortunate enough to travel globally and represent Redken as a National Performing Artist. In those years, I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly! I’ve seen how important education is to the ... Read More

Tim Cowan

Utilizing the fundamentals or “Principals” of hair cutting, coloring, texturizing and finishing, Tim Cowan will demonstrate how to create a variety of subtle changes or total re-imaging for your clients. Utilizing 25 years of experience as a stylist, Redken Exchange facilitator, educational director and salon owner, Tim will share innovative ways of expanding individual creativity by improving your technical skills. Read More