Top 10 Reasons Students Chose Our Cosmetology School

May 19, 2017

When students were asked, out of all of the Cosmetology schools in the Nashville area, Why did you choose The Salon Professional Academy, they had a lot to tell us. Here are the top 10 reasons students say they choose TSPA.

1. The Salon Professional Academy teaches SALON business starting the first day

All beauty schools teach you how to pass the State Board test and get a license, but TSPA is more concerned about life “after the license.”

2. We provide a great education on all technical skills and trends

The Education provided at TSPA is based on training from Industry leaders like Pivot Point, Redken, and Dermalogica CND. “The Education we receive here while in school is parallel to the education that stylists receive when attending advanced education after they are licensed,” according to one student we talked to. “We get it IN SCHOOL before we are thrown into the business world, and that makes all the difference!”

3. Small class sizes

The State of Tennessee says classes can have 20 students, but the student educator ratio at TSPA is never more than 15:1.

4. Professional atmosphere

“The school is truly concerned that we are trained correctly, and they create an atmosphere conducive to becoming a salon professional. We dress in all black, with hair and make-up interview ready each day we come to school. TSPA wants us prepared in case a salon ‘drops in’ to meet us.”

5. Assistance with job placement

TSPA has partnered with some of the top salons in Middle Tennessee and other parts of the U.S. to help students find jobs after graduating.

6. Products (REDKEN 5th Ave, Dermalogica, CND)

Not only do students use these products but they get to watch guest artists come in from these brands to teach about them. Which leads us to…

7. Guest speakers/Redken Artists

“In 2017 we have already had great Redken artists stop by, including Michael Cole, Tina Terry-Hunt and Sam Villa – and it’s just May!”

8. Energy

“We do ENERGY each day, and sometimes twice a day. We dance and talk about the things we learned the day before. It’s cool to share what I learned with the rest of the school.”

9. “It just felt right when I toured”

“I just had to trust my gut feeling. I felt welcomed when I came in to tour. I was greeted when I walked through the door, and talked to some of the students when I took my tour.”

10. Professional tools in every student kit

“The Sam Villa tools we get are great! They are professional quality so they will last far beyond school and many years into my career.”