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Choosing to Succeed – Happiness

Happiness in the workplace is everyone’s aspiration but many find it to be elusive. It has been described by researchers as: “The experience of joy, contentment or positive well-being, combined with a sense that one’s life is good, meaningful and worthwhile.” 

To some, the road to happiness seems filled with potholes and dead-end detours. In this social media driven society we’re inundated with negative voices and trends that encourage dissent and glorify victim status. 

Financial success or career advancement doesn’t guarantee happiness. In fact, it is usually the other way around. It’s more likely a positive attitude and happy disposition that you carry into your daily work will facilitate your prosperity. While the attainment of happiness may seem challenging, it’s true that happiness is a choice that each of us have the ability to make.

Early in my career, I came across a book and audio series by Dr. Denis Waitley, called “The Psychology of Winning.” Dr. Waitley asserted that: “Happiness is the progressive realization of worthwhile, long-term goals.” It is a precept which I embraced and carried with me all of my life. The happiness he describes doesn’t come from crossing a finish line or the culmination of an important objective at a specific moment in time. Instead, self-worth and contentment come from the day by day and week by week milestones you make and the challenges you overcome, while working towards your goals. In the future posts, we will discuss goal setting strategies. 

I know many people who are examples of intentionally choosing to be happy in their lives and careers. One, I was privileged to work and associate with for seventeen years. She is a remarkable woman named Ann Mincey. For most of that time she was Redken’s Vice President of Global Communications. Ann taught us, by example, that happiness in your career isn’t something you search for and find. Rather, it is something you bring. And bring it she does, to every aspect of her personal and professional life. It radiates from her face and sparkles from her eyes. Her happiness is contagious. It is impossible to be around her and not share in the joy and exuberance she brings. She is known throughout the beauty industry as “The Heart of Redken.”

Another lesson, epitomized by Ann is the importance of approaching life and the workplace with an attitude of gratitude. It is an integral part of happiness. Being grateful affects not only you and your view of work but impacts everyone with whom you have contact, in a positive way. Gratitude is essential for your social and emotional well-being.  

Those looking for the worst in anything, will find it. Fortunately, happiness is a choice that you have the power to make for yourself every single day. Embrace seeing life through the filter of gratitude. Bring your best and happiest self to the world every day. Allow your happiness to shine upon all your co-workers and customers. In doing so, you will be choosing to succeed.

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