Lilly - Student of the Month

Lilly A.


Please join us in congratulating Lilly A for receiving Student of the Month May 2018. Lilly says she is very proud of earning Student of the Month. “I’ve grown up a lot while being at TSPA. Knowing what my end goal was very motivating, I just kept my eye on the prize. I knew I wanted to graduate at a level 4 and to hit 300 club which I did twice while I have been here. When asked if she ... Read More

Student of the month

Rachel M.

January 2018

Rachel M says “The greatest obstacle for me, has been and always will be, myself. I tend to doubt and over think myself. I just pray and trust God that HIS will, will be done.” Having goals is absolutely helpful. How can you measure your improvement and abilities if you have nothing to go on? Being successful in my career is very important to me and I have fun while doing it. An awesome attitude each day helps. My favorite ... Read More

Student of the month

Brooke F.

December 2017

When asked how she feels about being student of the month, Brooke says she is “extremely excited and proud”. As a new student to the salon training floor Brooke managed to hit all of her level 1 goals in only 9 days, and accomplishment that keeps her motivated to be the best stylist that she can be. “Having goals is always helpful. It keeps me motivated to see more guest and get more practice. My favorite part about The Salon ... Read More

Student of the month

Madelyn Starks

October 2017

Meet Madelyn Starks – October Student of the Month at TSPA Nashville. “I want to be the best that I can be and I am very proud of myself”, says Madelyn of this achievement. “I worked really hard to hit my goals this month. I qualified for level 2 and am now part of the 500 club at TSPA.” Having goals encouraged her to be a better student and ultimately a better stylist. “I push myself to be more outgoing ... Read More

Image of Jaylyn H

Jaylyn H

July 2017

Jaylyn H. is only the second student, in TSPA history, to make the student of the month at level 2!!! She is a rising stylist to watch!!!! She hit the goal of highest referrals by having 13 new guests to request her, as a student stylist and educated her guests to purchase products to support their at home care, by selling $357.00. When we asked Jaylyn how she felt about becoming Student of the Month, she tells us she feels ... Read More

Student of the Month: Abbey P.

Abbey P.

May and June 2017

When you meet Abbey Pitts, Student of the Month for May and again for June, you know why she has been achieved this goal not twice, but three times (she was also student of the month for February). “When I started at TSPA, I was motivated to become a level 4 and to strive to be the best that I can be as a student. I feel very honored to be Student of the Month again.” We asked Abbey what ... Read More

Student of the month January 2017

Abbey P.

February 2017

Abbey is so excited and honored to be selected as Student of the month for January! From the beginning it was obvious that Abbey was an over achiever. During her first 8 weeks at The Salon Professional Academy – Abbey asked more questions that most of the class. Her hunger to know more is what brought her to Student of the Month. Abbey had the highest amount of referrals than any other student at TSPA in December, which means more ... Read More

Student of the Month: Tena S.

Tena S.

January 2017

When asked what her favorite color is she replies – green. Green eye shadow, green lipstick… with glitter of course. This gives you the first introduction to The Salon Professional Academy Nashville’s student of the month. Tena S. joined the TSPA tribe in July 2016 and has consistently hit her goals each month even though she says she “doesn’t really try”. In order to become student of the month Tena hit the goal of Highest Club in a couple of ... Read More

2016 Student of the month


December 2016

Haley Hall Student of the month

Haley Hall

April 2016

“Very accomplished” is how Haley Hall feels about being TSPA student of the month. And she should – she worked very hard for the last 9 1/2 months to become student of the month. What brought her to this award? Qualifying for level 4 student Hitting 500 club Keeping an GPA of 89.78% An attendance record of 102% But most importantly, having a positive attitude, each day, even on the “bad” days! Since her first month at TSPA, becoming Student ... Read More