student of the month

Errine Agee

August 2014

Erinne is no stranger to being a part of the TSPA family. Starting at TSPA as our front desk coordinator, to the school coordinator, to now student she knows what it takes to be at the top. Reaching all of her goals, and even going beyond what is expected of her she has kept pushing through. Erinne feels it is such an honor to be selected as the student of the month, and continues to set the bar high. “It’s ... Read More

Haley - Student of the Month

Haley Hoss

July 2014

Haley Hoss relocated from IL because she was ready for a “new experience” and found a welcoming environment at TSPA. When Haley first came to the Academy she was determined to hit her goals and stay focused on her education. She even gave up vacation days with her family in order to come back to school early to achieve her monthly goals. Haley is dedicated to making a difference in the industry. This month Haley jumped to Level 4 student ... Read More

June - Student of the Month

Marissa Weiny

June 2014

Marissa has been a great asset to the TSPA family. Since starting her adventure here at TSPA, she has set herself apart from others. Marissa is a go-getter, and goes after the goals she sets herself. Her performance shines through, and as she stays determined she has been one of the few to sell over $700 retail in a month. By staying focused, and never losing sight of her goals, she is a now a member of our $700 club. ... Read More

Merci - Student of the Month

Merci Payne

May 2014

After graduating high school, Merci came in with a friend to witness a signing, and decided to join the TSPA family. “Cosmetology has always been a passion of mine. In high school I was an ‘average’ student, doing the minimum to get by. TSPA has very high expectations, and I wanted to hold myself to those higher standards.” She has certainly done that, reaching her goals each month. “With meeting my goals, it has given me the major confidence boost, ... Read More

Crystal Cole

Crystal Cole

April 2014

Crystal started her journey here at TSPA in July. Since being here she has many reasons to be proud, with the number of things she has accomplished. Crystal has had the highest number of repeat/requests with 45, along with the highest number of pre-books with 43, in one month. Since being on the floor Crystal has jumped, and qualified hitting her goals each month. Crystal toured other schools, but felt TSPA was “home” for her. “I chose TSPA because it ... Read More


Drenusha Kolshi

February 2014

Setting the bar high for herself, Drenusha strived for the best. She was a go-getter, and very driven to meet her goals. Drenusha let nothing get in the way of her goals, as she did not stop until she achieved what she set her mind to. With her time here at TSPA, she was able to keep a positive attitude, and outlook for herself which is what help led her to her success. She continues to persevere through her career, ... Read More

Melissa - Student of the Month

Melissa Wilson

January 2014

Going above and beyond expectations, Melissa soared through her time here at TSPA. She was a student who was willing to take risks, and with her clients having 100% trust in her that made her more willing to learn and take coaching from educators. Melissa was always a student who wanted more time with educators, and taking her education to higher levels. In doing so, she graduated at a top level, and in her time at TSPA she was able ... Read More

Kelsey Bryson

Kelsey Bryson

December 2013

Since starting her career here at TSPA, Kelsey has jumped to a Level 3, she has been in our $500 club three times, and has hit all of our highest clubs including repeat/requests, pre-books, retail, and referrals. “I chose TSPA because I could tell the education was amazing, but what sold me was when they explained the business side of the career.” We can certainly see why. Planning to graduate in 2014, we can’t wait to see where Kelsey’s passion ... Read More

Ashley - Student of the Month

Ashley Mooney

October 2013

Ashley is no stranger to success, this being the second time winning student of the month. In September, she swept the competition by having highest repeat/requests, retail, and rebooks. She also sold over $500 in retail. Ashley is now a level 4 and planning to graduate in November. “I have done my best to take in all that I can while attending TSPA. I feel that my success has come from always doing thorough consultations with guests and always being ... Read More

Kristy - Student of the Month

Kristy Lomprey

September 2013

Coming from Wisconsin, Kristy moved her family to start at TSPA in January of this year. “I was definitely nervous about moving to Tennessee to start school, but I had a lot of faith in TSPA and decided to trust the systems they have in place.” Now towards the end of her time, Kristy is a level 4 student, selling over $500 in retail and seeing over 60 guests per month. “Out of the millions of hair schools in world, ... Read More