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Erinne is no stranger to being a part of the TSPA family. Starting at TSPA as our front desk coordinator, to the school coordinator, to now student she knows what it takes to be at the top. Reaching all of her goals, and even going beyond what is expected of her she has kept pushing through. Erinne feels it is such an honor to be selected as the student of the month, and continues to set the bar high. “It’s always important to have goals, big or small. It teaches you to do your best and whatever it takes. My favorite part about TSPA is the education, Redken, and the business training.” Continuing through the program she stays motivated by trying to take in as much learning as she can. It definitely shows as she has become “more in love with this industry and I didn’t think that was possible.” We continue to watch her grow, and look forward to seeing where her ambition and drive takes her in her career.