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Jaylyn H. is only the second student, in TSPA history, to make the student of the month at level 2!!! She is a rising stylist to watch!!!!

She hit the goal of highest referrals by having 13 new guests to request her, as a student stylist and educated her guests to purchase products to support their at home care, by selling $357.00.

When we asked Jaylyn how she felt about becoming Student of the Month, she tells us she feels “accomplished and motivated to continue to make my goals!” “After finishing my goals, with a week left in the month, I needed something else to work towards and why not push myself to sell more retail.”

The greatest obstacle that she has had to overcome since starting at TSPA, “reminding myself that I am new and I’m gonna make mistakes, and it’s okay. Having goals at TSPA is a help because it gives me more to work for, it motivates me!!!”

“Since starting at TSPA I’ve changed for the better. I am more positive and happy. The Education at TSPA and the fact that I get to live my dream doing hair everyday… how can that not be positive? My goal after graduation is to work at a salon that will help further my education and eventually make the most money I can.”

My Advice for other TSPA students (or students joining TSPA)
Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy to come to school and strive to make your goals, or you can be miserable and hate your life.  But if you aren’t happy, you’re never going to accomplish anything. Happiness is a choice.

Jaylyn’s favorite quote: If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again.