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Marissa has been a great asset to the TSPA family. Since starting her adventure here at TSPA, she has set herself apart from others. Marissa is a go-getter, and goes after the goals she sets herself. Her performance shines through, and as she stays determined she has been one of the few to sell over $700 retail in a month. By staying focused, and never losing sight of her goals, she is a now a member of our $700 club. “I chose TSPA because when I walked in the door it felt like home. I love the level system, and the goals they have set for us. We are held to a higher standard than most schools, which is why it sets us apart.” Marissa has qualified for level 4A, and continues to push herself throughout the rest of her duration in the program. We can’t wait to see how far she will go, and with her determination how well she will succeed.