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Oops, he did it again! 

We can’t say enough great things about Nick Doores and the positive energy he brings to the student body at TSPA Nashville.

Nick brings a positive outlook each and every day he is at TSPA. Leading by example, even on a bad day, it’s a good day to be alive and a member of the TSPA family.

This month Nick jumped to Level 4 and he took on the responsibility of a student associate, showing the newest students at TSPA the “ropes” on the salon floor.   

Nick says:

There is a host of people who will say that ‘failure is not an option.’ And while I think they mean well, they aren’t telling the whole story. Failure is often times the only option we are given. It’s how we respond to taking the option that creates the people that we become. Now, I don’t say that to say, in all cases, choose failure over success; what I mean is that after the overwhelming wildfire clears, look for the new life springing up from the ashes. our failures create our most intimate understandings and the pit of who we choose to be. So don’t choose not to fail: Instead, choose to be a master of failure 

Please join us once again to celebrate Nick Doores as student of the month.