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When asked how he felt about winning Student of the month, Nick Doores replied, “honored, undeserving, grateful”. Grateful is exactly how Nick Doores shows up at TSPA each and every day. Nick is motivated to achieve success because he has a heart for service and a drive to provide the best service daily to all of his guests.

When starting at TSPA, Nick had to overcome the fear of trying a whole new career path. “Being in a 9-5 and being promoted twice was very comfortable and sustainable in my previous job. The fear of losing that seemed insurmountable. But I overcame that fear with courage from family and friends and a drive to have a better career,” he said. “The goals at TSPA give us a tangible sense of improvement and those goals fuel my desire to serve. The more goals I meet, the more people I have served.  Since starting at TSPA my confidence has improved dramatically.”

“My advice to other TSPA students is simple – be a person of your word. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. When I graduate from TSPA I plan to work in a salon for several years, then pack up and move to Germany to practice there and to plant a church.” Nick has his plan in place and has already met the goal of finding a salon. He recently started working as front desk support for Euphoria Salon in the Berry Hill area. We know that Nick will go on to do many amazing things with a servant’s heart. Please join us at TSPA in congratulating this month’s Student of the Month, Nicholas Doores.