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When asked what her favorite color is she replies – green. Green eye shadow, green lipstick… with glitter of course. This gives you the first introduction to The Salon Professional Academy Nashville’s student of the month.

Tena S. joined the TSPA tribe in July 2016 and has consistently hit her goals each month even though she says she “doesn’t really try”.

In order to become student of the month Tena hit the goal of Highest Club in a couple of categories – Repeat requests and pre-books along with hitting 300 club. Tena’s maintains an attendance rate of 103% and a GPA of 92.4%
Tena qualified this month for level 4 student stylist and plans to continue to excel in her training here at TSPA.
The hardest part of hitting her goals this month was providing services to 20 guests in one week. That’s as many as an average stylist in a salon.

Tena thinks that goals are helpful, and knows that striving to hit them each month will set her up for financial success once she graduates.
After graduation she would like to move to New Orleans and continue her training while working side by side with Redken Artist Kevin Champagne.
If she could give advice to the next class – Stand up for what you believe in.

Her favorite quote “Whether you think you can or you can’t you are usually right”. Henry Ford

Congratulations Tena on all your achievements.