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I really, firmly believe there’s no better decision you can make than being at The Salon Professional Academy.

tina terry hunt | redken artist

Lauren Powers

I always knew that I wanted a career in hair and make-up. A few months after graduating high school I started in the first class at TSPA. I started school with two of my close friends, which calmed my nerves, but after a week of being there, I had already gained several new friends. TSPA made me feel comfortable and Wanda and Chip were all about us getting the most out of our education during our time here. Class time was great, but getting out on the floor and getting to put that knowledge to use was the best. I loved learning new things with each color, cut, and style that I did. I only wish that I would have stepped more outside my comfort zone in school because this is where you can make mistakes and really learn from them through the help of your instructors and your classmates. Although I did not use my Jump Journal as much as I should have in school, it has become such a huge part of my life now. I have consistently been building my clientele and my Jump Journal helps me stay on track, plan ahead, and work on the areas I may be struggling with. Now that I have to pay for my own classes I have a true appreciation for TSPA having brought so many Redken artists into school. I still reference back to a lot of my notes that were taken during some of those classes. That being said, the education is unbeatable and I can’t thank Wanda, Chip, Lessie, and the Instructors enough for making my experience so memorable. Thanks to TSPA I am working at a salon now and still continuing my education. yay! ;D

Jamie Martin

I was referred to the school by the salon owner Marilyn of Salon Yaya. So I took a tour and couldn’t say no. The school looked amazing inside and of course, because TSPA uses Redken you can't go wrong with that.

I enjoyed the learning experiences I had with each and every client. Cutting hair, coloring hair, styling hair it was all so exciting that I was behind the chair transforming the client's hair into what we both had a vision for and seeing them leave with a smile on their face. There are no words to explain the feeling you get when it happens.

At TSPA not only do they teach you hair but they also teach you the business aspect as well with the KRS system which helps you grow your business and clientele. Not to mention we had Redken artists come to our school from everywhere around the U.S. to come and speak to us which was so amazing because the same artists at a class charge a ticket price to speak and at TSPA you get it for free and no other school has that to offer. You will leave this school knowing so much, especially about business and that's something that even salons out there today have no idea about.

The Salon Professional Academy uses Redken product which was voted the number one hair color in the country. You get the business aspect and the teachers are amazing and will work with you and you leave with an amazing education that no other school could even compare to. Not to mention that Ms.Lessie and the owners Chip and Wanda are absolutely amazing and they will help you with job placement and anything else that may come along that you need help with and they are so dedicated to the school and students and you don’t see that at every school.

Celia Luna

“The Salon Professional Academy!” I knew it was calling my name as soon as I walked in those doors. I had visited other schools before but none of them had that, “WOW” factor until I went there. when I was at TSPA, I loved the one-on-one attention I got from all the educators, sure the students outnumbered the educators but, no matter what if I needed help, someone was always there for me. I was never left without an answer.

There was never ever a dull moment at the school, sure the classes were small, and the educators were tough, but I loved the fact that we the students were able to have fun, laugh, and dance like no one's business! We were allowed to have fun at school, CRAZY! Don’t get me wrong the discipline will crack your butt into shape really fast, but still be able to have a good time in the process.

I truly believe by attending TSPA I can blow a 15 year “old school stylist” out of the water with all the education I got. We always had tons of Redken artists come in and do classes with us, and show us new fun ways of cutting, or foiling, or even a simple blow dry! TSPA teaches not only hair, but the business side a lot of stylists these days have no clue about. If it wasn’t for the KRS system and the jump journal I honestly would be broke and I wouldn’t be able to build as fast as I already have. They kick our butts and prepare us to take on any situation thrown at us, I honestly left TSPA feeling like a Redken Artist!

I have already sent 4 people to TSPA, I think anyone whose anybody and wants to reach sky-high in their career should go to TSPA. The school uses the #1 voted best hair color in the country, Redken. So that right there tells you you're going to be 10 steps ahead of reaching your goal to be a great stylist!

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