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I really, firmly believe there’s no better decision you can make than being at The Salon Professional Academy.

tina terry hunt | redken artist

Lauren Henry

I began class at The Salon Professional Academy on January 13, 2009. This particular Tuesday was also the beginning of my senior year of college. For me, cosmetology school was going to be all fun, and I was so excited. Although I kept busy running back and forth between schools, I was always welcome back at TSPA and was so grateful that I was given the chance to do both. The salon became my escape from papers and deadlines, a chance to make other people feel good, and I loved it.

I was in a small class, 6 of us to start, and 4 in the end. Although we came from different backgrounds, we became great friends, especially after those first two months in the classroom. Even after we entered the floor, we were never taught to compete against each other, but only to build one another up to make everyone better. We all grew.

I also owe a large portion of my experience to the excellent directors and staff of TSPA Nashville. Chip and Wanda Woods, Lessie Pruitt, Mrs. Ross, and Mrs. Hoolihan will always be probably some of the most influential and memorable people in my life. I had lots of teachers before, and many whom I respect, but it was the TSPA staff that helped me transition between student and adult. They let me laugh when I needed to, especially often at myself, cry if I needed to, and always helped me become better.

For anyone wanting to be a hair stylist, know that TSPA will change you, and for the better. If you put in all your effort, you will leave with great skills, and a great attitude to start your career. You must make your success, but TSPA gives you the tools and the understanding to do so. I am also continuing to pursue my other passion, music, by writing, singing, and teaching as much as I can. I am very thankful for all my opportunities thus far, especially for those given to me at The Salon Professional Academy.

Dre Haney

I started The Salon Professional Academy in November 2007, the second class to ever enter Nashville’s TSPA. I have always known that I wanted to do hair since I was little, so I was super excited my first day! The salon floor is huge and portrays a “high-end” salon, which makes it fun. My class only had five of us, for a more intimate learning experience, and everyone gets close really fast. I really liked that aspect of the school. Soon after the excitement leaves though, school is school. Being a person that was never a fan of school, and definitely not a morning person.. it did get hard to make myself go after a while.

The best testimony, and advice I can give to all future TSPA students, is that it is definitely worth it in the end. GIVE 100%, BE ON TIME, LOOK YOUR BEST EVERY DAY (AND BE ON TIME!!!!). If I could go back I would take full advantage of every penny I spent to attend this school, and not let any knowledge slip away that I may have missed. TSPA offers great opportunities of listening to amazing Redken artists/business professionals, and Mr. Chip and Mrs. Wanda are two amazing people who always push you to excel, and they root for you until you reach the top. It took me about a year after I graduated to get licensed and in a salon, but I am now working at Tangles in Mt. Juliet.

My first WEEK on the floor, I made a little over 300$, and that’s nothing compared to the vets here. It is such a great, and fun career, it's so easy for me to come to work every day because I’m doing something that I love to do. And just to let you in on a little secret, TSPA students come out FEARLESS and one step ahead of a person who came out of any other school. I would definitely recommend this school to any aspiring hairstylist.

Jana Everett

After visiting other schools in the area, I compared them to TSPA, and my decision was easily made. I knew that I would receive a better education and understanding of not only the basics needed but also get a more modern approach to education including the business side of this industry. TSPA definitely exceeded my expectations.

I would have never imagined the amount of hands-on experience with cutting and coloring, along with the opportunity to build a clientele starting in cosmetology school. I feel I have a head start in my career and know how an actual salon operates.

Since completing my education at TSPA I have continued my education with Redken and am now a Redken Specialist and a Certified Pureologist. I am now working as a hairstylist and nail technician. I know my education at TSPA has led me to these great opportunities.

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