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I really, firmly believe there’s no better decision you can make than being at The Salon Professional Academy.

tina terry hunt | redken artist

Kenny Berk

What's happening in the industry?

The hair and fashion industry has never been as exciting and fresh as it is today! The combination of 60’s geometric’s along with the multi-texture’s of the 70’s and 80’s has resulted in significant twists within our thinking as artists and hairdressers.

What is the point of difference in Redken schools?

The key point of difference contained in all Redken schools are the learner-based approaches supported by the rock-solid principles of hair.

Facilitators take education to the next level encouraging all students not only to learn better but, also empowering them to be better.

What being a hairdresser means to me…

Empowerment to continue to do what I do best … hair design! Developing relationships as a coach and mentor with all students and clients alike. Working with them to not only look better but encouraging them to feel better about themselves.

Roy Peters

Who could have imagined a not-very enterprising young man, raised on a farm, would find himself working behind the scenes in movies, television, theater, and fashion? What’s even more amazing, after 50+ years behind the chair, this same fellow was rewarded with the opportunity to travel literally “around the world” teaching others, as an educator for one of the foremost cosmetic manufacturers in the industry!

And why has all this happened? Because, in my teens, I opted to become a cosmetologist. That’s the REAL potential before you. The diversified possibilities await you, should you choose to become part of this extraordinary business!

If fame is your quest and fortune your pursuit, you have the power within you to make it all come true! All you need to do is decide to take charge of your own destiny. Look to those experts best equipped to set you on the right path. Enroll today at TSPA and allow yourself to be prepared to live out your dreams.

Brent Hardgrave

What is needed for today's ever-changing beauty industry, is change! Change is the way we need to educate our up-and-coming Salon Professionals. It is so NOT about just passing the State Board! It is about excelling in your career, right when you graduate! Being prepared for anything! Knowing what it takes to REALLY win in this industry! The Salon Professional Academy provides all of this and more. The students who complete this program are more confident, and comfortable in their own “Shears”! They are savvy to what it takes to make this a business, to win. As a salon owner for 13 years, well, I just have not seen this coming out of other schools. Principle Based Education, a common language, a proven way to succeed. Seeing confidence right from the start, having a plan, knowing how to achieve it! Yes, doing amazing hair is very important, however, that is not the real foundation that needs to be built. It is about showing the student how to be smart about their choices and the way they handle their business. This isn’t about being a “Stylist” it is about being a Salon Professional. I am excited about the grads coming out of this learning structure. They quite simply are a sure winner! Thank you TSPA for stepping up to the plate and raising the bar for everyone! You make a difference for many!

To give is the greatest gift,
~Brent Hardgrave

Start Your Career Today!

When you graduate from The Salon Professional Academy, you will be a knowledgeable and skilled professional trained to pass the state board exams and work as a cosmetologist.